Hi, I am Artem Bystrov, an Airbus A320 Captain with 4000 flight hours of experience. Graduating from Sasovo Aviation Academy in 2015, I began my career as a First Officer with S7 Airlines before being promoted to Captain in 2019. Seeking new challenges, I joined I-Fly Airlines as an A330 First Officer in 2021, and also served as a Captain with Ural Airlines on the A320 through a short-term contract in 2022. Currently, I am proud to be an A320 Captain with Uzbekistan Airlines based in Tashkent.

    Throughout my journey, I have prioritized safety, exhibited strong leadership qualities, and embraced new opportunities for growth and learning. With a passion for aviation and a commitment to excellence, I continue to thrive in the dynamic field of aviation, constantly seeking to expand my knowledge and skills. Thank you for taking the time to learn about my experiences as an Airbus A320 Captain.